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Summertime Film Festival 2015 - Tuesday June 23:Food Systems

Screening will take place inside, upper level, near Samara's Fashions for Him/Her.


12:00pm  Food Inc.          1 hour 33 min

Director Robert Kenner's provocative Oscar-Nominated documentary looksa t the food industry's harmful effect on humans and the environment.


1:50pm Vanishing of the Bees            1 hour 35min

This documentary details the economical, political and ecological consequences of a puzzling phenomenon: a dwindling world honeybee population.

3:30pm        The Meatrix         9 min

3:40pm        The Meatrix En Espanol  9 min

Cartoon explaining industrial agriculture.


4:00pm       Presentation by VI Good Food Coalition

4:10pm    Good Food Matters          20min

Systems, Sustainability, Sovereignty & Security. The short documentary will offer insight on what a food system is, who we can build a sustainable system the importance of food security and sovereignty. It will highlight work done by the coalition as well as feature interviews with local farmers and chefs that are at the forefront of the movement.


4:40pm TedTalkxManhattan      Ann Cooper    19 min

Renegade "Lunch Lady" talks about the coming revolution of the way kids eat at school.